How Journalists Can Get the Most out of Multimedia

As a journalism student the use of multimedia will be key in the future if I hope to compete with other journalists in the field. The incorporation of audio, video and audience interaction is vital in ensuring an audience. The articles below are examples of journalists who implemented these tools successfully to create a great news story.

“Detroit’s last rites”
The article contains forty-three photos, each containing a caption which moves the story along. The journalist shows how the church has become dilapidated but is still able to help those in need. It also contains a link to the full story which delves deeper into the church’s history and another to the photographer’s blog.

“Livin’ on love”
Grand Central Magazine
The text and photos work to tell the story of Bill Parsons. The photographs of his worn out socks or him playing with his children do more than words could. The video, shot in black and white, includes part of the interview with Parsons and his wife in addition to still shots.

“Mass Hysteria in Upstate New York”
The article includes a screenshot from the Today Show as well as text which goes into great depth about the event in addition to the history of mass hysteria in America. The article contained numerous links to other sites which contained additional information on this story and past cases. One link went to a YouTube video of a girl suffering the symptoms described in the story and another to a journal article about cases of mass hysteria in Taiwan.

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